Now, Take Advantage of our Spring Car Care Special and Money Saving Bonuses!

Since fuel companies change the formula in their gas between winter and summer, your car's gas mileage could literally go down the tubes. That's why we are offering this "Spring" special!

You will get our Engine Fuel Service & Some Bonuses at a Discounted Price of $89! ORDER NOW

Bonus #1 Free

Spring is the time to get rid of that old, winter-abused oil.

Dirty oil is grinding the life out of your engine. If you tend to drive past the manufacturer's suggested mileage for oil, we can get you back on track! We will include our "Super" engine oil flush at no charge! That's a $49.99 value!

Bonus #2 Free

We are going to get that winter grime off your car with a free "Super Clean" car wash. 

Start the spring with a fresh clean car at absolutely no extra charge. That's a $22 value and your car will look good and feel good about itself.

Bonus #3 Free

One lucky person is going to get a one-time, all expenses paid spring cleaning service for their home valued at $300!

We are adding these three bonus offers if you schedule
your fuel service by the end of May 2019!

With our $89 Spring Car Care Special and the included bonuses, your car
will be ready for the season ahead... but don't wait!

Do what it takes and contact Miles Auto Service before it's too late!

Call Miles Auto Service Today! 856-441-3865

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Here are some more cleaning tips to help you out this Spring...

Hey, did you know beyond being a way to celebrate the arrival of warmer temperatures, vodka can be used to clean around your home? Vodka’s “Triple D” qualities of acting as a deodorizer, de-greaser and disinfectant make it a powerful cleaner.

  • Clean up the Bathroom - Pour a few shots into a spray bottle and spray on your shower or tub.
    Washing the dishes by peapod labs, used under CC BY 2.0
    In about 10 or 15 minutes you'll be able to wipe that soap scum away. It also works pretty darn well in shining those chrome fixtures.
  • Disinfect the Kitchen or Bath– Worried about germs and bacteria around the house? Have a few shots and you won't worry about them so much! Better yet, spray it on your counter tops and in your bathroom. Wipe dry after a few minutes and you are good to go!
  • A Simple All-Purpose Cleaner – Make a vodka spritzer with a 50/50 mix of vodka and water in a spray bottle. Not only does it make a terrific all purpose cleaner, it even works good on mirrors and as a window cleaner.
  • Make Dishwashing Easier – Have a load of greasy dishes to wash? A half shot of vodka in a sink of dishes will cut right through the grease!
  • Get Fresher Smelling Fabrics – A little spray of vodka can work like commercially produced fabric deodorizers. Don't worry, the immediate alcohol smell will evaporate away quickly.

STOP the Alcohol Abuse!

Can’t stand the thought of “wasting” vodka? That's alright, your house is full of other things that can help you SPRING into action.

  • Lemons and other citrus fruit make good de-greasers. Use them to clean the inside of your microwave or toss
    Citrus by AtomicP, used under CC BY 2.0
    a slice down the garbage disposal. It will freshen both the disposal and the air in your kitchen.
  • Getting a bit of rust inside your dishwasher? Dry citrus drink powder will eliminate that rust!
    Use the meat of a walnut to cover small scratches in wood. Just rub it over the scratch several times until it disappears. We're not nuts, it works!
  • Simple table salt can be used as an abrasive to clean a butcher block counter-top or to scrub food off of cast iron cookware.
  • Regular vinegar makes a terrific window cleaner. Mix a 50/50 blend of vinegar and water and put it in a spray bottle. Use it just like you would the blue liquid brand.
  • Grab a box of baking soda, sprinkle some on a damp sponge and clean away. Not only is baking soda a cheap, natural cleaner, an open box can eliminate odors in your refrigerator.

Now it’s On to Your Car!

Some people spend a a lot time in their car. We've seen car interiors that look like a combination office, fast food restaurant and toy-box. If your idea of cleaning your car is buying a new car deodorizer, here are some car interior cleaning tips.

  • car-detailing
    Ready for this? Remove all the loose articles from vehicle and use a leaf blower to blow out the interior. Do this before cleaning any other areas of your car. Just don't let the neighbors see you!
  • Q-tips and toothbrushes make excellent detailing tools for small areas like vent louvers.
    Spend a few bucks and get a can of spray carpet cleaner and take on those carpets. You also may want to get yourself a nice set of floor mats afterwards.
  • Little things can make a big difference like cleaning the inside of your door jams.
  • Using a product like Armor All on vinyl dashboards and side panels. This is the way to finish off a good-looking interior!