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Are you prepared to Survive the Highway?

Imagine a cold rainy night and your child has just left for work at their night job. Would they know how to handle an emergency? What about a simple mechanical breakdown- like a flat tire? Well, continue reading to find out how you can make your child a responsible driver. (hey you may learn something too!)

Now that my own daughter has her license I spent time training her how to deal with simple car maintenance as well as how to handle a mechanical failure in a dangerous situation. Being a parent this is very important to me and I feel it’s something important that every parent should know.

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I’ve developed a “New Driver Boot Camp Series” on all the things that driver’s ed. didn’t have the time to show your new driver!

You see we spend all of our time teaching our young drivers the rules of the road to get their permit but how much time do we spend instructing them on how to handle scary and possibly dangerous scenarios that will come up at some point while on the road.

If this concerns you as much as it did me THEN I have a solution!

In this eBook You Get:

1. 7 things that should be in every car and why

2. An easy car maintenance guide to care for your first car

3. A video series showing you exactly how to deal with dangerous situations while driving

This free how to guide is everything your teen needs and didn’t learn in drivers ed. You can sit back feeling confident your teen is prepared to survive the highway!

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